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About Us

Metal Coatings & Mfg. Co. is a one-source fabricator with over 150 years of combined manufacturing experience in Isanti, MN. Request a quote.

Our Background

Metal Coatings & Mfg. Co. is a one-source fabricator with over 150 years of combined manufacturing experience. Our focus is on delivering a high-quality finished product to our customers.

We take our customers’ designs from the raw material stage to the finished product, including assembly and packaging. This gives our customers more time to concentrate on their businesses and sales rather than the next stage of manufacturing or production. We prioritize performance and quality. Our facility is outfitted with cutting-edge machinery and technology. We have the knowledge and resources in the industry to complete your metal fabrication and finishing projects to the highest quality standards.

Our Machinery

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Laser Cutting :

LVD Orion 3015 CO2 4kW with Automation
LVD Phoenix 3015 Fiber 10kW with Automation

Shearing :

1/4″ X 10′ Wysong
10ga X 48”

CNC Turret Punching :

LVD Strippit 30 ton 40″ X 120″

Sheet Metal Forming :

LVD PPEB 240 ton 9-axis w/laser form
LVD PPS 85 ton 4-axis
Diacro 12 ton hydraulic
Niagara 90 ton 8′
Accurpress 7606 60 ton 6′

Tube Bending and Fabrication


Ellis Horizontal Band Saw
Cold saw 3″ diameter
Hyd-Mech S-20A Auto Horizontal
Hem V100LA-4 Auto Vertical Band Saw
Pedrazolli Auto Cold Saw

Bending and Rolling:

Pines #2 Horizontal Rotary 3″ diameter Manual 2″ cap Horizontal Hydraulic
Ercolina Pipe Bender 2″ schedule 40
8″ Diacro Hydraulic Bender
Tube & Pipe Roller ½”-2.5″ pipe
#2 Pines CNC Bender
#2 Diacro



6 – 200 amp wire feed
5 – 250 amp wire feed
2 – 300 amp wire feed
3 – 400 amp wire feed
6 – 450 amp wire feed
2 – 300 amp aluminum wire feed
Portable 250 amp Miller Bobcat
2 – 100 KV spot welder
20 KVA spot welder
30 KVA spot welder
350 amp Panasonic 6 axis robotic welder

Structural and Misc.


55 ton Edwards Ironworker
50 ton Piranha Ironworker

Misc Equipment :

3 – Deburring tumblers
Timesaver 2200 Rotary Brush Finishing Machine

Powder Coat Painting

Over size oven- 7-1/2′ X 7-1/2′ X 19-1/2′
Nordson powder systems

Shop floor

Isanti – 26,000 SF Shop Floor
Braham – 30,000 SF Shop Floor
Powder coating – 12,000 SF Shop Floor

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Metal Coatings & Mfg. Co.
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